5 Principles to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss

Take it Off…and Keep it Off

By: Dr. Sher Bovay DC and Jamie Bussin


On Episode #204 of TheTonic Talk Show and Podcast, Dr. Sher Bovay DC spoke about the five principles of not only losing weight, but keeping that weight off over time. After 5 years, 80% of people who lost weight, put it back on. This is a digest of that interview which focuses on the concept of ‘body freedom’. Here are Sher’s 5 Principles:

  1. Have a game plan: This may seem obvious, but for a lot of people, their approach to weight loss is “loosey goosey”. They don’t have clear-cut strategies. They need clarity, simplicity and structure. They need to engage the prefrontal cortex of their brain to control the impulsive behaviours. In this way they set themselves up to manage their weight in the long term. Also, they also have to make sure that the approach they’re taking is right for their body. For some people certain strategies are going to work better.
  2. Consider the reason why you want to lose weight: Look at weight loss from a body/mind standpoint. Think of this as your “lighthouse” or “guiding force” that is going to keep you going in the right direction. People can have a short-term reason they want to lose weight, which might be exciting. But when you’re trying to maintain weight loss, there’s nothing exciting about that. The reason why you want to lose weight must be deeper, meaningful and more fulfilling so that you’re still motivated and inspired to continue with those healthy habits to maintain the weight. Otherwise the immediate gratification of certain foods and bad habits will derail your efforts.
  3. Create sustainable habits: This isn’t very exciting, but it is very important. Ideally you don’t want to be super strict in your habits, because that isn’t sustainable in the long run.  You want to be able to do “80/20”. You are losing weight in a way that you are establishing a foundation for eating habits and routines so that you can continue at 80% without even thinking about it. And then you can have those indulgences and learn what your limits are. 
  4. Course correction: Life sometimes throws us a curveball. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Perhaps you’re planning a trip to Italy and you want to enjoy the food. We should be able to do that. But you have to know exactly what you’ll have to do to lose the weight you may put on, when you get back from your trip. So you may need to switch from maintenance back to weight loss mode. Do you have the foundational tools to succeed, and implement them on an as needed basis? For example, intermittent fasting works for many people as a tool for weight loss, for that reason. Also, don’t be afraid of the scale. It is just a number. It is an emotionally charged number, but a number nonetheless. You wouldn’t ignore your credit card charges incurred on your trip, that would be irresponsible…In the same way, don’t avoid the scale.
  5. Learning the art of flexibility: Collectively this is really about learning the art of flexibility. Food is pleasurable. We should be able to embrace it. But ultimately you have to find that balance.

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