Wild Oil Of Oregano For Your Health

By Roger Baird

If the last couple years have taught us nothing else, it would be critical analysis of mainstream medical interventions and alternative remedies.  When the world goes out of balance it is time to re-evaluate all the treatment options that are out there to help independent thinkers and people with common sense in their quest to remain healthy and improve their health.

Certainly it is time to reflect on what has stood the test of time in our quest to stay vibrant and healthy in the face of health challenges. One huge arsenal of helpful substances is contained within the plant kingdom. Our long association with, and use of, the Oregano plant goes back millennia. Not only is Oregano a delightful culinary spice but its many attributes bestow upon it the reputation of a medicine chest in a bottle.

Its antiseptic action was well known even in ancient Greece where it was used to preserve meat. More recent studies have shown it to be a powerful anti-carcinogenic, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and the list is endless! 

Oregano, when used daily, can be a powerful preventative in cold and flu season. It is also useful in preventing stomach upset when travelling or clearing it up quickly if it occurs. These are just a couple of the myriad conditions that Oregano oil can address. Of particular interest these days is its anti-venom action. This attribute may help if you are suffering from ‘long haul’. European researchers have confirmed the plasma, urine, and feces of Covid patients contain “toxin-like peptides” that are “almost identical” to those found in snake and other animal venom. 1  

Topical use can be useful for stubborn skin infections, acne, toe fungus, warts, unusual skin lesions that won’t heal, insect or animal bites, and as an analgesic. Add it to liquid soap to create the ultimate hand cleaner or shampoo to make it anti-dandruff. A drop on your toothbrush will do wonders for teeth and gums. The uses are limited only to your imagination so have fun experimenting. 

Oregano oil is steam distilled from the oregano plant’s leaves and flowers. It takes 100 kilos of dried oregano plant material to make 1 kilo of essential oil. As a result the oil is very powerful and must be diluted for internal consumption and external use. One part essential oil to four parts olive oil is the ideal dilution for safety and efficacy. Dosages are measured in drops.

As with most products on the market, quality is a major concern. The very best Oregano for therapeutic purposes grows wild in the Mediterranean.  The complex phytochemical makeup of the wild variety is a result of harsh conditions which include weather, predatory insects and microbes.  Thousands of years of natural evolution have created a very robust plant which is far superior to the farmed varieties. It is possible and recommended to get a certified organic wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano. 

Roger Baird is an alternative health researcher and advocate. For more information visit www.wildoiloforegano.com