Treatments For Cold Weather

By Vee Mistry

 As the snow falls and temperatures drop, many of us reach for warm sweaters, enjoy long duvet days and hot drinks, and treat ourselves to hot baths or showers. While the first few indulgences get my vote,  as a facial expert I recommend limiting those hot showers, baths and the general use of hot water on your face. 

Contrary to popular belief, hot water will not clean better, nor will it open pores; if anything, it will heighten any inflammation the skin is experiencing.This inflammation can present itself as dryness, dehydration, redness or even itchy or irritated skin. For those whose skin barrier is a little more compromised with Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis or sensitivity, you will find a flare-up of these skin conditions. 


So what should we be doing to keep this inflammation at bay and our skin barrier healthy?

The first thing and most important is Cryo (extreme cold treatment). Turn your water temperature to as cold as you can handle when cleansing your skin to help calm, soothe and constrict capillary dilation, leaving skin more balanced. Cryo also has a fantastic way of encouraging that surge of oxygenation and expediting the delivery of nutrients to our skin cells to help rejuvenate. Another favourite I recommend to add to your existing routine is Gua Sha Cryo Sticks. Combining Gua Sha to help massage and the pairing of high levels of cryo, this tool is the answer to calming and soothing inflammation, helping plump lines and wrinkles, reducing pore size and refining texture. 

Limit your exfoliation, even though the skin may be dry and flaking. Your instinct to reach for the exfoliator that leaves the skin squeaky clean will further compromise your skin barrier. 

The best way to exfoliate sensitive skin is with enzymatic properties. Think of these like little ‘Pac Men’ munching away at all the dead skin on the surface to allow better penetration of your skincare. Another great ingredient is Lactic acid,  a large molecule which also has hydrating properties. Use either of these 1-2 times a week.

Incorporate facial oils. They have come a long way from the thick, heavy consistency that once was the only option. Look for oils that have been fermented. These will feel lush enough to hydrate and thin enough that they soak right into the skin. If you are lipid-deprived, reach for a slightly thicker oil and mix 2-3 drops into your AM + PM moisturizer to give you the perfect veil of hydration. 

And finally, masks are an easy step to maximize an at-home treatment, and nowadays, there are some fantastic creamy masks that you can sleep in, making this step easy and allowing you to wake up with that perfect glow and hydration. 

Incorporate some of these tips, and they’ll be no more winter blues! 

Vee Mistry is the founder and owner of SKINBYVEE and is a certified Aesthetician and Facialist with over 25+ years of experience in the industry.