The Dangers of Social Media Beauty Trends 

By Vee Mistry


In a world where we are able to have things at the click of a finger, food that’s delivered instantly to our doorstep, car services that pick us up at the drop of a hat, and groceries with instructions prepared  from the convenience of our homes, it’s only natural that when your favourite social media influencer is promising beauty at the click of a finger, you want to jump on that trend! 

In the last several years, beauty trends on social media have taken off, allowing unqualified influencers to tap into a market that needs qualified experts to talk about skincare and tools from an anatomical and physiological standpoint. I always ask clients if they felt ill, would they turn to social media for a diagnosis? So, when they have a skin concern, why are they asking for advice from social media?

Some of the most mind-blowing social trends that I have seen people follow include;

injecting cosmetic foundation into their face, taking a plastic suction cup over the lips to give the “lip filler” look, slathering vaseline over the entire face, using super glue for press on nails, using lemon juice to lighten pigmentation …and (the one that topped it all) using one’s own period blood as a face mask! 

My advice as a skin expert is to please stop!!! These trends can lead to bacterial infection, skin being severely burnt as well as blistering and bruising. Some of these trends may also cause long-term damage. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is able to absorb anywhere between 60-70% of whatever we put on it. Our follicles and pores are a direct passage into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, when cosmetic foundations that are not developed to be injected into our skin are introduced, it can open the doors to so many dangers. 

My expert advice is if you are looking to fix a skin concern, there are two ways of going about it. First, choose a qualified skin expert. We are trained to understand the anatomy of the skin and, will therefore prescribe a skincare routine as well as in-clinic Facial treatment plans!  Second, the pandemic gave many facialists time to offer online consultations, which many such as myself, have continued to do. These consults are designed to diagnose what’s going on on a deeper level. A thorough dissection of the individual’s medical health, sleep and diet patterns, as well as anxiety and stress, are all points of conversation. It has been proven that treating the skin as an entire entity will allow long-term results for our clients and customers. With all these wonderful services available and so many great experts, I hope you won’t find the need to follow the “Social media Trend” this 2023! 

Vee Mistry is the founder and owner of SKINBYVEE and is a certified Aesthetician and Facialist with over 25 years of experience in the industry.