Jennifer Aniston swears by them. 

By Vee Mistry

Recently Jennifer Aniston was quoted for an interview she did for WSJ saying she receives regular Peptide injections and prefers them over Botox. 

This has sent the world of beauty into a frenzy; every client has been asking me about Peptides and so as we focus on schooling you on all things beauty here’s what you need to know about this hero ingredient. 

First of all Peptides are not new by any means, they have been in many serums and moisturizers that you may have or are already using. 

Peptides are short chain amino acids that create a sequence of bonds to essentially be recognized as a Peptide and are needed for our skin. More specifically our skin’s collagen which has 3 different polyPeptide chains and so when including a Peptide in your beauty product it can stimulate the skin to produce more collagen leading to firmer, brighter and more hydrated skin and overall youthfulness. 


You must understand that Peptides are a general name of an amino acid; all in all there are 5 different types of Peptides and each differs by how many amino acid molecules are linked by a different number of Peptide bonds. 

This may sound very confusing but the best type of Peptide in skincare is a single Peptide or a Palmitoyl Peptide and this will help with collagen and elasticity in the skin, which leads us to Jennifer’s injectable Peptides. This treatment is where certain Peptides will be injected straight into her lines and wrinkles helping strengthen the skin’s elasticity as well as stimulate collagen synthesis. Now you may still find it hard to find a doctor who will administer this treatment. From what I understand these types of injectables have not been FDA approved, however I’m sure it won’t be long before they are!

So if you are in the market for these injectables you may be waiting; however if you are looking for cosmetic beauty products then step right up and let me help you choose the best ones. 

Look for your Peptides in your serums and moisturizers as well as any creamy masks that you leave on your face. A Peptide that may be available in a cleanser is frankly a waste of time as it will not stimulate collagen.  

You want to remain consistent with these particular beauty products because after the age of 30, your skin loses 1% of Collagen every year, therefore the Peptides found in your beauty products will keep stimulating rather than declining.

Here are some of my favourite Peptide-enriched skincare products- 

Dermaquest Peptide Glyco Cleanser

Jan Marini luminate lotion

Circcell Vit C Ampoules

111Skin Sub Zero De Puffing Face mask

Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus

Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream

Circcell Insight Collagen Eye Masks

Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks

Vee Mistry is the founder and owner of SKINBYVEE and is a certified Aesthetician and Facialist with over 25 years of experience in the industry.