Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on  January 6 and 7 2024 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we’ll didiscuss digestion and your health with nutraceutical formulator Dr. Gordon Chang, how stress impacts your sleep with naturopath Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed ND, the collateral impacts of Ozempic with researcher David Nelson and specific nutritional needs for those who’ve decided to eat a vegetarian diet with registered dietician Shauna Lindzon.

We specifically discuss:

Digestion and Your Health

  • Probiotics
  • Autism
  • IBS
  • L Glutamine
  • Multiple strains of probiotics
  • Geography and microbiomes
  • The immune pathways
  • Inflammation


Stress and Your Sleep 

  • Stress: the main cause of sleep loss
  • What if you aren’t suffering stress, but can’t sleep?
  • Sleep quality
  • Delta wave sleep
  • Stress hormones
  • The merits of sleep tracking
  • Waking up at 2:00-4:00 am
  • Cortisol and Serotonin
  • Does it matter when we go to sleep?
  • What happens if you don’t get restful sleep?
  • The sleep/fat/inflammation cycle


The Collateral Impact of Ozempic

  • GLP 1 receptor agonists
  • What is Ozempic used for?
  • What does Ozempic do?
  • The socio-economic impact of Ozempic
  • Intermittent use of Ozempic
  • The politics of Ozempic
  • Nutrients and muscle mass


I’ve Become a Vegetarian…What Next?

  • Types of vegetarian (or near-vegetarian) diets
  • Health reasons to choose a plant-based diet
  • Do you have to take supplements if you are a vegetarian?
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Probiotics
  • How do you decide whether to supplement?
  • Vitamin D, Omega 3 and Iodine


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