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Do Something

For lack of anything else entertaining to watch, I’ve been rewatching Mad Men, the brilliant television series that explores the vast social ...
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Hi, I’m Jamie, and this is my story.

I’m the Publisher of The Tonic Magazine and the Producer and Host of The Tonic Talk Show and Podcast. I’m a husband and father of three. I’m ...
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…And Then What?

By: Jamie Bussin In the last 6 months I’ve had 2 serious surgeries. The first on Family Day Weekend was an emergency and saved my life. The ...
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…And, We’re Back

No. You didn’t miss it. We didn’t publish the May/June issue of The Tonic Magazine. Unfortunately I had a medical emergency that took me out of ...
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Less of Me

When people meet me for the first time and find out that I’m a health and wellness publisher and talk show host, they likely make presumptions ...
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Is This Mindfulness?

In the ebbs and flows of producing a bi-monthly magazine and weekly talk show/podcast, there are busier times and slower times. Fall is always a ...
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Because I Can

By Jamie Bussin Yes. I am one of those people. If you happen to make the mistake of asking me about my workouts, I will, in great detail, outline ...
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Why There’s No Article About Our Trip

There has never been a travel feature columnist at The Tonic. From time to time, over the years I’ve written about personal vacations, if I felt ...
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